Mastodon - another one for the social media

Mastodon - another one for the social media

Posted by Tomás Conneely on 6th Nov 2022


I've always thought that works best with an excalamation behind it ...

At any rate, partially thanks to Elon faffing about with twitter, we've dipped our toes in the ( fairly positive)  world of Mastodon ( ! ) 

To be honest, I'm not yet sure what we will post there, it seems to be a more active place than I had guessed,) and we only got going on it today)  - the ability to be more locally centered in some of what we post might be a good thing for us. 

This is the link -

We can't directly link it under the other social media buttons as the link for it does not yet exist. 

<a rel="me" href="">Mastodon</a>