The Guardian 100 Best books of the 21st Century - So far..

The Guardian 100 Best books of the 21st Century - So far..

Posted by Thomas Conneely on 23rd Oct 2019

In late September , the Guardian newspaper published it's list of the best books ( both fiction and non fiction) published this century so far ( 2000 to 2019) -

All lists of this nature, are obviously subjective - it's as easy to create another completely different list as this one, but the choices here are certainly interesting, and with the non fiction titles in particular the list is very strong. THere is the usual scatter of Booker and Pulitzer Prize winners , but also children's , young adult and crime fiction , making this a more democratic and broad based list than many . A number of Irish authors feature - Colm Toibín and Sebastian Barry, as well as Sally Rooney ( who tends to sell out as fast as we get her in ) . Some titles are also ones we have brand new (discounted) copies of - the wonderful A Little Life by Yangihara as an example. 

We have tagged all the books we had on the list - to make it easy just search for 'Guardian 100 Best ', or just follow this link

It will be interesting to see how many of these books will still feature on best of the century lists in another 20 years - but the status of some as modern classic is already secured. 

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