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Re-Home or Recycle your books

Our Re-Home or Recycle your books service

We offer our customers a service to re-home or recycle your unwanted books. We accept all books, and for those of sufficient quality to sell to new homes, we pay €0.40 per book in the form of a book voucher. Books not in good enough condition will be recycled responsibly. We also arrange for your books to be collected.

How the process works

  1. On completion of checkout, you will receive an email with your order number.
  2. Once your box(es) is/are  ready for collection email us at quoting the order number and we will arrange courier collection at the given address.
  3. Please note the following:
    • Collection costs €5 per box (up to 30kg)
    • Vouchers are paid at €0.40 per book.  
    • Processing this product in no way commits you to sending us books.
    • Once your box(es) is/are is ready for collection email us and we will book in the collection.
    • The address for collection must be the same as the address entered at the checkout
    • Once your books have been processed we will email you a gift certificate



  1. Pack your books into a sturdy cardboard box (no bags).
  2. Ensure your books are secure so they aren’t damaged in transit (under-filled boxes are likely to collapse, and over-filled to burst open). Seal the box with strong adhesive tape designed for shipping
  3. If you can hear or feel the contents of the box moving inside, then they are not packed properly
  4. Make sure your box weighs no more than 30kg
  5. Write your order number clearly on each box


We cannot be held accountable for the items damaged in transit due to poor packaging. If you are sending more than one box per consignment, please ensure these are packed separately and clearly labelled.


We Reject books with the following damage: 

  • Water damage
  • Missing pages
  • Excessive annotations, underlining or highlighting
  • Ripped, damaged spine
  • Creased or torn covers
  • Missing dust jackets
  • Discoloured cover or pages


We do not pay out for the following:

  • Magazines
  • Used School books
  • RTE Guides
  • Foreign language books
  • DVD’s, CD’s or Videotapes
  • Puzzle books, e.g. crosswords, Sudoku etc.


Please be aware that when we receive your books, they will be manually checked on arrival.


We cannot return any books that have been rejected however we will recycle any items that have been deemed unsellable.