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Short Story Anthologies from SansPRESS - Limerick

Short Story Anthologies from SansPRESS - Limerick

Posted by Paula Dias Garcia on 20th Jan 2022


Editor Paula Dias Garcia on the new publishing imprint - SansPress

Sans. PRESS is a new literary publisher based in Limerick, Ireland. Our publishing focus is producing themed anthologies of short stories, composed by the perspectives of multiple writers around a single idea. We are always on the look-out for magical, unexpected, weird stories.

In 2021, we published two anthologies: The Secret Lives and Because That’s Where Your Heart Is.

The first anthology -The Secret Lives -is a collection of short stories that are all about secrets. The 15 writers provide fascinating views of what may be happening behind closed curtains (or deep in the woods... or inside that mirror that never seems to stay covered...), ranging from the fantastical and mysterious to the little hidden truths of our every day life. This anthiology includes stories by Philip Berry, Georgia Dodsworth, Issy Flower, Srijani Ganguly, Anita Goveas, Sandra Jackson-Opoku, Camila Loricchio, Rhona McAdam, Thomas Mozden, Stephen Schwei, Eoin Smith, Sarah Smith, David Wasserman, Allison Whittenberg and Claire J. Yaxley.

The second anthology Because That's Where Your Heart Is is a collection of short stories that are all about passion! The 16 selected writers share different perspectives on what really moves hearts and souls, with tales of love enduring, of desire, of longing, of losing and finding – stories that are full of wildness. With stories by Mike Adamson, Joseph Anderson, T.L. Bodine, Malina Douglas, Ummkulthum Hassan, D. Anne Hines, Hullabaloo22, Valerie Hunter, Ellen McCarthy, R. Tim Morris, Sam Muller, Penelope Price, M. Regan, Iona Rule, Joe Szalinski and Tara Tamburello.

In 2022, we are have two more anthologies scheduled, now funded by the Arts Council of Ireland! More information on our submission call will be coming soon on our website,!

( Both books are now available at - either singly at €9 each, or bundled at €15 ) We will carry all future publications from Sans Press also, so watch this space..

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